4472 Flying Scotsman Luxury Cabside Cufflinks TMB Art Metal - 4472 Flying Scotsman Luxury Cabside Cufflinks

These wonderful cufflinks, which are a stylized sculptural representation of 4472's cab side, are cast in actual original bronze metal from 4472, Flying Scotsman, the most famous steam locomotive in the world.

From a master produced for us by noted York based sculptor Stephen Allen, they are quite literally tiny art bronzes. Once cast the cufflinks are polished and then patinated to a dark brown colour, the golden bronze colour readily showing through once the surface wears.

Made in conjunction with the National Railway Museum, each pair of cufflinks comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by their creators, TMB Art Metal, in verification of the provenance of the original ex-4472 'donor' metal of which they are made.

A non-limited edition

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