4472 Flying Scotsman Luxury Firebox Door Cufflinks TMB Art Metal - 4472 Flying Scotsman Luxury Firebox Door Cufflinks

These wonderful evocative cufflinks, which are a stylised representation of Flying Scotsman's firebox door, are cast in actual original bronze from one of Flying Scotsman's old axle boxes, removed during her current ongoing restoration at York.

Once cast the cufflinks are polished and then patinated to a dark brown, the front then burnished to bring out the bronze colour on the highlights.

Produced in conjunction with the National Railway Museum, each pair of cufflinks comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by their creators, TMB Art Metal, in verification of the provenance of the original ex-4472 "donor" metal of which they are made.

A chance to wear cufflinks that have travelled perhaps a million miles as part of the most famous steam locomotive in the world!

A non-limited edition

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