Ferrari 250GTO 3527GT Luxury 'Essence of Form' Cufflinks TMB Art Metal - Ferrari 250GTO Luxury 'Essence of Form' Cufflinks

Our Essence of Form cufflinks represent the pure form or essence of form of the iconic Ferrari 250GTO, to more readily display its magnificent lines, proving, if such proof were really necessary, that the 1962 GTO is indeed one of the most beautifully styled cars of all time.

The miniature sculptures, which are subtle, measuring about 19mm in length, are crafted of bronze from the original old brake pipes and engine thrust washers removed from 250GTO 3527GT during its restoration in 2006. The cufflink arms are of solid 18ct yellow gold. The sculptures are based upon a meticulously crafted, hand sculpted master and are, therefore in effect original pieces of sculptural art wearable upon the sleeve, each with an amazing story to tell!

Presented in an ultra high quality handmade red leather case, every pair is individually engraved and accompanied by a provenance booklet outlining the history and provenance of the metal of which the links are made, together with a signed certificate of authenticity.

A Limited Edition of just 100 pairs

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