TMB Art Metal - 4472 Flying Scotsman Luxury Gifts and Accessories

We are pleased, proud and fortunate to have received extensive compliments on our products and services, many of which are published below. Perhaps these favourable comments will help provide prospective clients confidence in TMB and our unique products, which really are generally perceived as being better “in the metal” than in the pictures!

Thanks so much! Look great!

Dominique. USA. GTO Essence of Form Cufflinks

Absolutely fantastic thank you!

David. UK. Bill & Fritz Cufflinks

Just confirming that the clock and cuffs have arrived safely and I'm absolutely thrilled with them. The clock is keeping good time so the trip to the southern hemisphere does not appear to have thrown it into too much confusion! My kids are fascinated by the piston so it’s already become a talking point in the house. Anyway, many thanks again for the beautiful work and I'm sure I'll be in touch again soon.

Steve. Australia. Hurricane Piston Desk Clock

The cufflinks have arrived and are perfect, many thanks.

Rory. Australia. Spitfire X4276 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

All received and delighted, many thanks

Mark. UK. Spitfire X4276 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

My husband received his cufflinks yesterday, he loved them! Thanks again for helping us to give him such a special gift.

Daphne. Singapore. Spitfire X4276 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

The cufflinks arrived this morning and they are lovely, I'm sure my husband will love them.

Mandy. Australia. Spitfire X4276 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

Just to let you know the Bill & Fritz cufflinks have arrived safe and sound. They are a birthday present so he will not see them until the 24th. They are just great!! Many thanks for your help.

Angela. Bill & Fritz Cufflinks

Amazing! Thank you :)

Sarah. Australia. Spitfire X4276 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

Cufflinks are great!!

John. USA. Bill & Fritz

I just wanted to send a quick note to say how chuffed I was to receive the excellent Supermarine cufflinks that my other half Amanda purchased for my 40th. They really are a fantastic piece of work, even without the fascinating history associated with them. I am also completely engrossed in Al Deere's book which you were also kind enough to send, as it is one of the books of the era that I have never read!

Alex. UK. Spitfire Supermarine Pedals

The cufflinks have arrived and I am over the moon, they are perfect in every way, even down to the marker inserted into the relevant pages of the book! When I present them to Alex on his return from Paris I am sure he will be in touch to tell you himself. I am so glad I kept searching for that little ' something different' when I decided on the Spitfire Cufflink idea.

Amanda. UK. Spitfire Supermarine Pedals

Although somewhat 'chunkier' than I am used to, I have now worn both sets of cufflinks and they have really grown on me. I think the brass pair are my favourites - I like the different hue that Fritz has when compared to Bill. They have been liked by colleagues...and I have directed them to your website.

Andrew. UK. Bill & Fritz

I received the cufflinks yesterday and I have to say that they are beautiful little pieces of art. As you describe very tactile and chunky, I like them very much indeed and can't wait to wear them on Monday!!!

Tim. UK. Bill & Fritz

Just had the call from Pat, he’s lost for words on the beauty of what you’ve created. Job Well Done by all accounts!

Robin. Australia. X4276 6” Sculpture

Just wanted to let you know the packages were here when I arrived home. Exquisite! Thank you so much for everything. I will be contacting you again regarding some of the Aeronautical cufflinks in the not too distant future. Thanks again, I am extremely pleased with everything.

Bud. USA. GTO Wallet & Spitfire X4276 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

The cufflinks arrived on Friday safe and sound. Feedback so far is "WOW". To say I am happy with them is an understatement, the execution of the design and craftsmanship is spot on.

Dave. UK. Spitfire X4276 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

The wedding was great thanks! And the Spitfire links were a huge hit! I actually wore them into work yesterday, so they will get plenty of use post wedding. Couldn't be happier with them so thanks again!

Till. UK. Spitfire P7350 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

Received the cufflinks today - they are perfect and the box they came in adds to the whole effect. Appreciate the quick service.

Craig. Australia. P7350 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

Have just received the Supermarine Rudder Pedal Cufflinks and am very impressed with the whole package. The wooden presentation box is very smart, as too is the outer box and the cufflinks themselves are superb, very nice indeed. Thanks very much, I’m extremely happy with my purchase and can’t wait for Bill and Fritz!!

Tim. UK. Spitfire Supermarine Pedals

Wheels arrived this morning and are great, I'm very happy with them and shall be wearing them at the first opportunity which will probably be next Tuesday. Thanks very much and I look forward to receiving the "Rudder Pedals", in due course.

Tim. UK. Spitfire P7350 Wheels

Sorry it has taken me so long to let you know that the FABULOUS ON2 Cufflinks (and VERY NICE Spitfire PIN!) arrived problem-free, right on time, as promised. THANK YOU for your thoughtfulness and patience throughout my journey towards taking this step. The beauty, elegance and provenance of these cufflinks are rewarding beyond words, but I'm sure you know best how receiving and wearing these, especially on the heels of our recent London trip (to several Bentley spots), must make me feel. Indeed, it's difficult to not wear them every day at this stage! I have re-read numerous articles about ON2, the other team Bentleys, the Gurney Nutting Coupe and Blue Train car, etc., etc., etc. My wife surely thinks I've gone off the deep end... In any case, I'm so glad you made these and provided them to everyone who appreciates the opportunity to feel a bit of a connection to something so great in the past. Very satisfying. Thank you!

Rob. USA Bentley Old Number 2 Spinners

I have just opened my birthday present from my partner Gilly, and was just so taken aback at the beauty and craftsmanship of the bronze cufflinks and the very sophisticated and gorgeous presentation box. Then...I read all the details of how you make them and that they are actually from Al Deere’s Merlin engine from his Spitfire.... Thank you so much....I am in awe and admiration.

Chris. UK. Spitfire X4276 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

Many thanks for the cufflinks. They are fabulous & went down extremely well!

Frances. Spitfire Wheels

David absolutely loved his cufflinks, thank you so much for providing yet another exceptional Christmas present for a man normally impossible to buy for!!!

Nikki. UK. D-type Spinners

Just wanted to let you know my husband absolutely loved the cufflinks and has just finished the book which he has not stopped thanking us for, plus giving us a history lesson on its contents. A very big thank you!

Janice. UK. Spitfire X4276 KL-B Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

Happy New Year!! I gave the Spitfire case to Bernard: He LOVES it!!

Almine. Belgium. Spitfire Rib 16 Case

I have just opened my birthday present and was just so taken aback at the beauty and craftsmanship of the bronze cufflinks and the very sophisticated and gorgeous presentation box. Then...I read all the details of how you make them and that they are actually from Al Deere’s Merlin engine from his Spitfire....and finally his book... I have an assortment of aviation cufflinks, but these limited edition extremely rare cufflinks are just on a totally different level. You are truly an amazing craftsman and a talented marketer as well. I am going to be the envy of my aviation friends and I have no doubt whatsoever that you will be getting more commissions from my friends! Thank you so much....I am in awe and admiration.

Chris. UK. X4276 KL-B Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

They are wonderful!!

Fru. UK. Spitfire Wheels

The cufflinks have arrived and are thoroughly splendid.

David. UK. Spitfire Wheels

The wallet has just arrived. It is everything I thought it would be. Thank you.

Bill. UK. Ferrari 250GTO Wallet

The cufflinks arrived this afternoon. Oh wow - they are exquisite!!! You are such a craftsman. I love the passion and historical respect that has gone into them - they are so much more than simply a piece of jewellery. Thank you so much - they are soooooo special to me. When I do my Spitfire conversion I will drop into visit your store and say ‘Hi’. Have a very Merry Christmas - you have made mine!

Grant. Australia. Spitfire P7350 Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

I have finally had the chance to look at the Spitfire cufflinks. OMG, they are truly beautiful. I have never seen such superb craftsmanship and attention to detail before. I am so amazed at how stunning they look and cannot wait for him to see them. You have surpassed all my expectations, when viewing on line it can be tricky to establish what they would be like for real. Thank you so much for the book too. A real personal touch and you are so kind. I am speechless. I work with the general public and I find I am quite particular on the service I receive, and this is definitely one I will never forget.

Gilly. UK. Spitfire X4276 KL-B Spirit of 1940 Cufflinks

Received the cufflinks! They are amazing and are safe and sound on their new very happy owner!! Thank you!!!

Kristin. UK. 4472 Firebox Door Cufflinks

Sorry, I should have sent an email to say that the ring had arrived safely and I’m really, really pleased with it – many thanks! The wedding is coming up fast – a week on Saturday – and we’ve decided to have a small display at the wedding venue showing how the ring was made, using the photographs that you emailed me, I’m sure many people will be interested to see it.

Ben. UK. Concorde wedding ring

Just to let you know that the little Spitfires have landed, and they are fantastic! For the first time in a long time - maybe for the first time ever, I'm looking forward to the next time I have to wear a suit!

Rahim. UK. Spitfire X4276 KL-B Spirit of 1940 Cufflink

A quick note to say many thanks, the cufflinks arrived safe and sound. They are fantastic and far exceeded my expectations. Very much hope we can do business again in the future and will be visiting your website to keep up to date.

Simon. UK. 4472 Firebox Door Cufflinks

“Geoff was bowled over by the clock and the cuff links, but especially the clock. We have watched the DVD (several times), and also shared it with friends. It was fascinating to watch. The letter you sent with the clock is being framed so it can also be displayed. We are both like little kids with new toys, we are so excited! Geoff and I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to share this wonderful piece of history with you. Everyone who has seen the Piston clock is fascinated by it and want to know the story behind it. Thank you so much for creating this work of art and for allowing us to share it.”

Gail. USA. Hurricane Piston Clock

“Hi Christopher. The clock arrived and it's even more beautiful than I imagined. Really a fantastic piece of history! Thank you very much indeed for this and for your kindness. The cufflinks also are very nice and I will wear them proudly.”

Stefano. Italy. Spitfire X4276 KL-B Merlin Piston Clock

Hi Chris. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Tony absolutely loves the cufflinks. He was very intrigued by the story behind them and was quick to try them on a shirt! He thinks he's heard of your company before. In any event, I passed on the extra information you sent along, as well as the photos. Many thanks again for all your help, I'm sure I'll be back in touch at some point!”

Robin. Bermuda. Aston Martin DB6 Cufflinks

“Brilliant! It arrived safely and I'm delighted with it. Not sure I can wait for 9 November to know what he thinks and if it fits! He’s out at the mo but I might give it to him later - fingers crossed it fits! It's stunning - thank you so much!”

Clare. UK. Spitfire P7350 Wedding Ring

“Hooray! It fits perfectly. He is delighted with it and guessed immediately that it was your handy work. It looks great and he is already wearing it with pride and keeps flashing it under my nose. I showed him the pictures which I think make it even more special, that it was made especially for him. Thank you again for doing this special and meaningful gift for me, it means so much.”

Clare. UK. Spitfire P7350 Wedding Ring

“Chris, I received the sculpture, and it’s just lovely. Thank you so much.”

Heather. USA. P7350 4” Spitfire Sculpture

“Received the cufflinks yesterday. They're perfect. Thank you.”

Sarah. UK. Spitfire P7350 “Spirit of 1940”

“Cufflinks received. Fantastic! Thank-you! I have hidden them for our anniversary in August!”

Frances. UK. Spitfire X4276 “Spirit of 1940” Cufflinks

“Cufflinks are absolutely gorgeous, not sure how I'm going to wait a month to give them to him!”

Lee. Australia. Spitfire P7350 “Spirit of 1940” Cufflinks

“Thank you so much! It's beautiful!”

Marisa. USA. 6” X4276 KL-B Sculpture

“The cufflinks arrived yesterday and are really fantastic. I think my nephew will be very surprised, because they are extraordinarily beautiful and it is a long staying present. Thanks for the uncomplicated transfer. I think, we will stay in contact.”

Cordula. Germany. D-type Spinners

“They arrived this morning and already in use. Wonderful and very special.”

Rod. Spitfire X4276 KL-B “Spirit of 1940” Cufflinks

“The cufflinks are absolutely gorgeous! My friend Alex was delighted, and marvelled at them! He was blown away that they were made from a Veyron wheel!”

Charles. Switzerland. Veyron Wheels

“The cufflinks are beautiful and very well done in terms of quality. Thank you for our transaction. The shipment was very fast. Mailing with you was a pure pleasure. Thank you for spending time helping me to finalise the deal.”

Marek. Poland. 4472 Firebox Doors

“Adored! Huge Thanks.”

Fru. London. Bentley Old Number Two Radiators

“Let me start by saying the cufflinks and Spitfire are marvellous, I received them at Christmas from my wife and although I knew what would be in the box I had no idea how beautifully crafted they would be. I am delighted.

Philip. UK. P7350 4” Spitfire Sculpture & Spitfire X4276 KL-B Supermarine Pedals

“Just to let you know that the cufflinks arrived safely today. I am really please with them they are absolutely wonderful and I'm sure my husband will love them.”

Lesley. UK. Bluebird Pendine Cufflinks

“Just to let you know I received the cuff links today. They are amazing.”

Maxine. UK. Bentley Old Number 2 Radiators

“Cufflinks arrived today! They are spectacular-all that you said and more. How unique and the fine craftsmanship is apparent. From the time my husband opened them, he has not put them down, read all of the information, even read the serial number on the side of the cufflinks! All things British, all things bespoke. He has a big trial starting Monday and guess what cufflinks he will wear on that day?! It was worth the wait.”

Jan. USA. Bentley Old Number 2 Radiators

“Cufflinks have arrived – they look fantastic, thanks!!!!!!”

Crispin. UK. Aston DB6 Essence of Form

“Quick email to confirm safe receipt as promised, not sure what else to say except I am absolutely delighted - they are stunning, even better than I had dared hope, wonderful workmanship, thank you!”

Nigel. UK. Bugatti T35 Wheels

“Well, the Supermarine cufflinks have arrived ... I have to say that even with my high expectations being as unmanageable as they were in this case, when actually present and in hand, the quality of the cufflinks exceeds my highest hopes ... simply exquisite! The richness of their colour, their size and weight, the precision of the detailing, and more, is truly exceptional work. Although I really should have known that all this would be so, given the professionalism of your site and business acumen, nonetheless I'm extremely impressed.”

Rod. USA. Spitfire X4276 Supermarine Pedals

“Just got back in town and the package had arrived. Fantastic! Thank you. I'll keep and eye out for the new items”

Michael. USA. Ferrari 250GTO Spinners & GTO Wallet

“The cufflinks are really extraordinary, especially having them in my hands, that´s a real good feeling. So I think my husband will be pleasantly surprised while he hasn´t the faintest idea of my present. I will find the right place to keep your address for the future. I´ve seen you have more surprising presents.”

Cordula. Germany. Aston Martin Zagato Cufflinks

“Just to let you know I received the Concorde cufflinks this afternoon and they arrived in perfect condition. They are terrific and I'm thrilled with them - even wearing them as I type this message. They will be ideal to alternate with my D-Spinners.”

Craig. Singapore. Concorde Essence of Form

“Thank you so much for the cufflinks. My husband loved them, he is still grinning and thought they were very cool. The quality was beautiful and thanks so much for incorporating the engravings. Will definitely be in touch again, now he knows what other products you do”

Alicia. UK. Hurricane P2725 Spinners

“I have received the cufflinks which are exceptional. Kindly update me on your mailing list for the future.”

Aidan. UK. Aston Martin DB6 Essence of Form

“Greetings! I arrived back from my tour this morning to find my cufflinks had arrived and were in my office. They are gorgeous and I am very pleased with both the cufflinks and the presentation gift box. I am certain they will be regular conversation starters, especially at the local Jag club meetings. I will wear them with pride behind the wheel as well!”

Craig. Singapore. D-type Spinners

“The cufflinks arrived yesterday and they are magnificent. The photos you sent of you melting the bronze in the crucible and the resultant “tree” are terrific. They give me an idea of the work involved to gain the wonderful end product. Thank you for your prompt delivery and service, they will get a run tonight, as we are out for dinner this evening!”

John. Australia. Spitfire X4276 KL-B Supermarine Pedals

“Just received the cufflinks and pin. What a fantastic gesture on your part. I didn't expect the pin was going to be so amazing! Nice to see the high value you place on service and your customers, such a rare quality these days. Warmest regards from Melbourne.”

Kevin. Australia. Aston Martin DBR1 Cufflinks

“Received the cufflinks yesterday, courtesy of my wife Kerri's kindness. They are terrific - extremely pleased and happy that you had a pair remaining. Will likely see what else your catalogue can tempt me with...”

Paul. UK. Spitfire X4276 KL-B Supermarine Pedals

“G’day Christopher. I’m a recent proud owner of one of your products. The Rudder Pedal Cufflinks from AD’s Spitfire. You have had a fair bit of correspondence with my wife Elizabeth and I just wanted to say that they are a wonderful gift which will be treasured in our family. It is a great way for someone like myself to have a very tangible piece of history. I will follow your website and I wish you and your business all the best.”

Malcolm. New Zealand. Spitfire X4276 KL-B Supermarine Pedals

“He loves them!!!!!”

Jill. USA. Aston Martin Zagato Cufflinks

“The Hurricane Spinners and Spitfire rudder pedals arrived yesterday after a curious conversation with U.S. Customs about the relative bronze, gold and aluminum content of each. It is remarkable to me to have such a piece of history in the form of such beautiful and unique cufflinks. As the memory of those heroic times fades to those of us who only know about them at second hand, I am grateful to have such a spectacular reminder and memento. As with my other TMB cufflinks, the workmanship is spectacular, and, as a combination of art and history, they are truly unique. Thank you for making them available.”

Charles. USA. Hurricane Spinner Cufflinks / Spitfire Rudder Pedal Cufflinks

“Dear Christopher, Thank you so much - they arrived yesterday. They are splendid, and I will wear them at my wedding on Saturday!”

Trevor. UK. Spitfire Rudder Pedal Cufflinks

“The latest shipment was on my desk when I arrived at my office this morning. As always, the jewelry exceeded my expectations.”

Charles. USA. Aston Martin DBR1 Cufflinks

“My husband and I would also like to wish you every success for 2010. He was given the cufflinks for his Christmas and birthday present on 25th December and was chuffed to bits. I am sure he will wear them with pride; thank you for your efforts once again.”

Kay. UK. Concorde on Gold Cufflinks

“Jeremy loved his Spitfire and it now sits beside Concorde.”

Francie. UK. Spitfire 14” Sculpture

“Just to say 'thank you', it was indeed the perfect present, my husband is over the moon with the cufflinks. Thanks for such a prompt and efficient service - the presentation was good too.”

Anne. UK. Flying Scotsman Firebox Door Cufflinks

“They finally arrived yesterday. I’ll just say this: it was worth the wait! They’re beautiful and it is thrilling to know they are a little piece of a Spitfire - and a special one too.”

Thiago. Brazil. Spitfire Rudder Pedal Cufflinks

“They are just BEEEUUUTIFUL!!! It took all my self control not to give the cufflinks to Malcolm over the weekend!!! They are just soooo special and with the historic DNA link - I felt very emotional when I opened up the little boxes!!! (the boxes are just beautiful too!!!). I truly feel we are now part of a very special club.”

Lizzy. New Zealand (1). Spitfire Rudder Pedal Cufflinks

“I have to say I am quite overwhelmed with how moved Malcolm was when he opened 'our' SpitRuds this morning. He is not a 'gushy' sort like me(!) but as I thought and hoped he would, he is totally enchanted with every aspect of the cufflinks and the little pin... (I let him open that too and said he could wear it on special occasions!). In fact with me having the pin and him the links - it's like our own very special little micro club - a very exclusive “who's who” and only for those in the know!!! Thank you Chris, for turning your dreams into a reality for us to share. "Creating Passion For Provenance" is a truly worthy endeavour and I can assure you we feel proud to be entrusted as guardians of your creations.”

Lizzy. New Zealand (2). Spitfire Rudder Pedal Cufflinks

“The Concorde cufflinks arrived safely this morning, thank you. I'm SO pleased with them. Although you had explained to me about them, the history that you included shows just how special they really are. How I will treasure them.”

Guy. UK. Concorde on Gold Cufflinks

“The ON2 Radiators have arrived and exceed my every expectation. As you know, they are the 3rd pair of TMB cufflinks I have purchased, and every pair gives me great satisfaction every time I wear them.”

Charles. USA. Old No 2 Radiator Cufflinks

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks for the wonderful Ferrari 250 GTO spinner cufflinks. My wife gave them to me last night over dinner and they were a talking point for the rest of the evening with all the male guests. They are even more beautiful than I can remember from when I first saw them at Goodwood last year. I also think the presentation case is a lovely item in which to keep them in. Thanks for making my day!”

Philip. UK. GTO Spinner Cufflinks

“I wanted to thank you and Christopher Bennett at TMB for all of your hard work to get the Ferrari 250 GTO cufflinks to me. My husband loved the unique gift (a 10th anniversary present). Thanks also to Christopher for the lapel pin as a complimentary gift as an apology for the delay - a very nice touch.”

Cynthia. Canada. GTO Spinner Cufflinks

“I haven’t written giving feedback before now because they were a present to me from me (via the wife) for my Birthday and I managed to control the urge to wear them until last week. It is nice to have a real weight to cufflinks; coming from famous old cars/planes/trains etc one associates such with a certain weight and solidity that may be lacking today. In this instance the bronze really has this effect and I like them immensely. I also like the arm in silver and I note that the arm is (I think) slightly longer than the T35 links and certainly the Spinner links that I have already. Interesting that the several people who have commented already thought they were gold! The average Joe wouldn’t know any differently. These will get the most use from now on, I think they are superb.”

Mark. UK. Supermarine Rudder Pedal Cufflinks

“Apologies for my late reply! - I just wanted to let you know that the cufflinks are very much liked. The happy person owning a Bentley convertible, it's the season now to drive and wear the matching cufflinks!”

Ursula. Switzerland. Old No 2 Radiator Cufflinks

“My husband still loves his Jaguar D cufflinks and he will fall off his chair when he gets the Hurricanes. He will also be the envy of all his colleagues as he works in the defence industry and they will be a massive talking point (maybe even to bring more business your way!).”

Julie. UK. Hurricane Spinner Cufflinks

“Beautiful gift and I'm sure my friend will be thrilled”

Randolph, Canada. Bentley Old Number 2 Radiator Cufflinks

“I received the cufflinks today. They are beautiful."

Matt. USA. D-type Spinner Cufflinks

“The cufflinks arrived this afternoon. They are beautifully crafted and better than expected”

Ed, USA. Aston Martin Zagato Cufflinks

“Just to say a big thank you for your help with the cufflinks - they have arrived. They are absolutely wonderful little gems that I am sure Giles will treasure for ever. Thanks again, you have helped me have a merry Christmas!”

Adele. UK. Flying Scotsman Cabside Cufflinks

“Received the D-Type cufflinks from my wife and son for Christmas (they arrived just one day before Christmas, so my wife did not have her anticipated heart attack, thank God), and must write to tell you how beautiful they are. I am truly amazed and blown away…Thanks again for your craftsmanship and creativity, I feel as if I now own something which is truly unique and part of British, and motorcar, history.”

Ben. USA. D-Type Spinner Cufflinks

“The cufflinks have arrived safely at my office. When they came I was locked in a marathon meeting and they were a great catalyst in changing my mood when I opened them. I now understand exactly what you meant in your description... they are not in the least retiring and have real presence. I have yet to wear them, but have them in my desk and keep taking them out to show people. My son (13) has already enquired at what point they will pass to him and his sister (17) wants to know why they pass to the younger male! Anyway thank you very much - you have one very satisfied customer - although I cannot imagine anyone not being impressed by them (even without the provenance).”

Steve. UK. Hurricane Spinner Cufflinks

“Cufflinks arrived this a.m, thank you so much for the effort, they are quite cool, I'm sure my partner will love them.”

Maggie. UK Flying Scotsman Cabside Cufflinks

“I had high expectations but they pale in comparison to the actual product and along with the embossed presentation box, I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this "product satisfied”

Gordon. Australia. Flying Scotsman Cabside Cufflinks

“Thanks so much! Actually, they are a keepsake for my five year old son who adores “The Flying Scotsman”. They were too lovely not to buy! (I guess I now have his 21st birthday gift organised!!!)”

Emma. Australia. Flying Scotsman Cabside Cufflinks

“I received the cufflinks yesterday. They are perfect.”

Sue. USA. Bentley Old Number 2 Radiators

“They are great, you guys have done a superb job!”

Ed. New Zealand. Aston Martin Zagato Cufflinks

“Congratulations on a most spectacular set of cufflinks.”

Irvine. UK. Hurricane Spinner Cufflinks

“Package received in time for Christmas. My husband is delirious with joy!”

Deb. USA. D-Type Spinner Cufflinks

“Thanks, everything is OK. Nice, nice, the nicest ever…”

Freddy. Germany. Bentley Old Number 2 Radiator Cufflinks

“Chris - the links were finally delivered here in the US. They are quite spectacular and well worth the wait. Keep me advised of future creations!”

Ron. USA. Hurricane Spinner Cufflinks

“Love the links, keep me up on other developments”

Matthew. USA. Bugatti T35 Radiator Cufflinks

“Received the cufflinks yesterday. They are nothing short of excellent and nothing short of what I have come to expect, they are as we say in Australia "Bonza". Thank for all your help and effort, its much appreciated, it's a joy to do business with you and I hope I can again soon.”

Gordon. Australia. Flying Scotsman Firebox Door Cufflinks

“I just wanted to let you know that Mark was thrilled with his ‘D’ type cufflinks! He still wants the Hurricane propellers but those will have to wait for now!”

Julie-Ann. UK. D-Type Spinner Cufflinks

“I wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the wallet… it is now in use having replaced my old Tumi version. This has much more style!”

Irvine, Monaco. Ferrari 250GTO Wallet

“Thank you very much indeed for the cufflinks and the lapel pin which have just arrived safely. They're quite stunning - and I'm completely delighted with them. You really do get the presentation spot on which makes such a difference. I know my brother will be tickled pink - if I can bring myself to give them to him.”

Roger, Leeds. Hurricane Spinner Cufflinks

“Dad the cufflinks have made my day. Thanks a lot, I love them.”

Cameron, London. Concorde Essence of Form Cufflinks

“Today has been like Christmas and what presents I have had!”

Guy, Oxfordshire. Concorde Sculpture / Concorde Essence of Form Cufflinks

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