Spitfire X4276 TMB Art Metal - Supermarine Spitfire X4276 KL-B 14 Inch Sculpture

A limited edition of just twelve (12)* dramatic fourteen-inch wingspan sculptures crafted of aluminium originating from the casing of X4276's Rolls-Royce Merlin engine and mounted upon the twelve original beautifully machined pistons removed from X4276's massive 27 litre V12 Merlin. All are supported by purposefully made bronze columns with precision purposefully engineered ball and sockets which facilitate movement so the sculptures can be placed in various attitudes of ‘flight’ or removed entirely. Sculptures are set upon a lacquered walnut plinth with engraved symmetric brass plates.

The sculptures are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed both by Christopher Bennett of TMB Art Metal and, more significantly, Alex Henshaw, the renowned Supermarine Chief Test Pilot so instrumental in the Spitfire’s development in the 1930’s and a close friend and colleague of Al Deere, who sadly passed away in 2007.

*We reserve the right to reduce this to a lesser number

A limited edition of just 12* Sculptures, made to order.

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