Essence of Form Cufflinks

Not many gentlemen can boast their cufflinks once travelled at twice the speed of sound as part of one of the world’s most iconic aircraft before ending up on their shirt sleeves.

But now they can…

In tribute to Concorde, one of the world’s most recognised aerial icons, TMB have crafted some spectacular cufflinks incorporating actual metal from Concorde.

The beautifully crafted miniature sculptures on our Concorde From Concorde Essence of Form cufflinks are made using actual metal from an ex-Concorde rudder which was manufactured in 1976 at BAC Weybridge as one of the original contacted components. Bearing the serial number ‘VW23’, our rudder spent most of its life upon British Airways Concorde flagship G-BOAC, prior to being finally struck off service in 1992, the rudder failing during a flight from London to New York. Official records indicate that the rudder was initially fitted to Concorde G-BOAG in 1977 before being transferred to G-BOAC, upon which airframe it spent the next twelve years prior to finally being fitted to G-BOAB. During its service VW23 accrued a total of 10,861 flight hours and 3,724 landings before being retired, the majority whilst fitted to G-BOAC.

The beautifully crafted miniature Concorde sculptures are mounted upon backing plates and cufflink arms of sterling silver, the cufflink arms being of our newer spring loaded swivelling type. The end swivels feature TMB ‘splosh’ logo icons in colour contrasting 18ct gold, the mix of colouring working well.

We also offer an option of having the backing plates and cufflink arms in solid 18ct yellow gold, the mix of colour creating visually stunning pieces.


TMB Art Metal Concorde Cufflinks