T35 from T35 Edition

Bugatti Type 35

First launched in 1924 at the French Grand Prix, the legendary Bugatti Type 35 grand prix car is a true icon of the automotive world and one of the most elegant and beautiful motor cars ever built. But the Type 35 didn’t only look good, it performed well too, it’s light weight and incredible reliability ensuring it became a hugely successful racing car. Indeed its instigator, Ettore Bugatti, claimed that variants of the T35 had been victorious in over 2,000 events, including an amazing twelve Grand Prix in 1926 alone.

In tribute to the legendary Type 35 Bugatti TMB have created three different types of T35 From T35 cufflinks: Essence of Form, Radiators and Wheels. As with all TMB products these cufflinks are hand crafted using original metal from the actual iconic subject it portrays – in this case the Type 35 Bugatti.