Spitfire MK1 X4276 KL-B 6″ Sculpture

A limited edition of 48 sculptures, with wing span of approximately six inches, crafted of aluminium originating from X4276 KL-B, displaying the pure essence of form of the famous aeronautic icon, the Supermarine Spitfire.

The sculptures themselves are crafted using ‘donor’ metal from the original Merlin engine fitted to X4276. To add to the fascination and visual splendour the sculptures are mounted upon the engine valve assemblies removed from Merlin Mk III (3) serial number 30363, the engine fitted to X4276 KL-B; twenty-four being mated to exhaust valves and twenty-four to inlet valves.

The sculptures are affixed to the engine valves via purposefully designed and precision engineered ball and socket joints which facilitate movement, enabling the tactile Spitfires to be placed in varying attitudes of ‘flight’ or removed for inspection. All sculptures are set upon a beautiful mahogany and burr walnut plinth, fitted with engraved solid sterling silver plate and covered with glass dome.

The illustrated example is mounted upon one of the Merlin’s exhaust valve assemblies (the glass dome has been removed for clarity).

A limited edition of just 48 Sculptures


TMB Art Metal Spitfire X4276 6" Sculpture