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4472 Flying Scotsman 24″ Sculpture

TMB Art Metal, in conjunction with the National Railway Museum, are proud to offer one of, if not the, most spectacular pieces of railway sculpture ever created.

These amazing and significant bronze sculptures, which depict the iconic steam locomotive Flying Scotsman, uniquely incorporate actual metal from Flying Scotsman in their construction.

The master sculpture was created especially for this project by noted Harrogate based sculptor, Stephen Allen, a tasking that took eighteen months to accomplish. The sculpture itself depicts Flying Scotsman in her early circa 1930 specification with conventional chimney and driver on the right, rather than left, side. Flying Scotsman is sculpted to show her at speed; this feeling of motion beautifully and skilfully suggested by the inclusion of blur in the wheels and a forward lean to the piece. The impression of motion is also significantly enhanced by the beautifully sculpted steam that billows from the chimney and swirls low hugging the locomotive due to wind pressure.

The locomotive and track sculptures are cast in bronze, uniquely incorporating actual ex-Flying Scotsman metal in its make up. To be precise this is bronze converted from copper originating from Flying Scotsman’s old firebox which was removed during the locomotive’s recent restoration by the National Railway Museum at York. The copper was converted to silicon bronze for the purpose of casting into these fine art sculptures. The steam, which is a totally separate removable casting, is available in two options – bronze with white patination or solid sterling silver.

The detail on our Flying Scotsman sculptures is nothing short of breathtaking, this enhanced by the fact that the cab roof is removable revealing the wealth of instrumentation within, along with driver and shovel wielding fireman.

Flying Scotsman Sculpture Being constructed of bronze the final visual appearance to the sculpture is provided by the skilful application of patination, achieved by the utilisation of various chemicals. The colours attainable are virtually limitless and within this brochure we have illustrated just two recommended variants; bronze-brown and green. Both variants show off to beautiful effect the texture of the metal with its myriad of tooling marks, but the patination colour also provides a totally different look and “character” to the sculpture.

All sculptures are created to order and, if desired, a purchaser can visit our London based foundry in person to see their own sculpture being patinated and have it coloured to their own personal taste and desire.


These sculptures are being created in conjunction with the National Railway Museum at York and a significant proportion of money will go towards the restoration of Flying Scotsman.

Christopher Bennett, Managing Director of TMB Art Metal says: “We are hugely proud of these incredible sculptures which depict, pay tribute to, and are made of, one of England’s most famous and iconic engineering marvels; Flying Scotsman.”

Andrew Scott, Director of the National Railway Museum stated: “These lovely sculptures represent Flying Scotsman at its very best. We are delighted to know that any profits the National Railway Museum receives from the sale of the sculptures will go straight into the fund to ensure that Flying Scotsman is returned to running order and continues to do so for many years to come.”

Sculpture Specifications

Sculpture approx 24″ : track section 30″ : plinth 35″


11″ (including steam)

Sculpture of bronze incorporating approximately fifty percent ex-Flying Scotsman metal. Steam in bronze or sterling silver.

Black Granite

A limited edition of just 12 pieces worldwide