4472 FROM 4472 EDITION

4472 Flying Scotsman Nameplate

An opportunity to own a real Flying Scotsman nameplate will never exist but now one can obtain the very next best thing!

In conjunction with the National Railway Museum, TMB Art Metal are about to launch some superb full size replica Flying Scotsman nameplates actually made of Flying Scotsman. These nameplates, the pattern for which was taken from one of Flying Scotsman’s nameplates and so mimic the original pretty exactly, are made of actual metal from Flying Scotsman’s old firebox removed during the locomotives current ongoing restoration.

A limited edition of just eighty of these magnificent nameplates will be produced in tribute to the 80th anniversary of the first running of the Flying Scotsman train from Kings Cross to Edinburgh in 1928. Each plate will come with a signed certificate of authenticity and a percentage of profits will go to the “Keep Scotsman Steaming Appeal”.

The brass plates, which measure about 56″ in length and weigh around 18kg, are mounted onto very high quality wooden backboards which is equipped with wall brackets.

A limited edition of just 80 nameplates