Hurricane P2725 TM-B Spinner Cufflinks

These amazing cufflinks, which represent a propeller spinner plus three propeller blade lower sections, incorporate actual metal from P2725 TM-B, the British Hurricane fighter aircraft that crashed into Buckingham Palace Road London on 15th September 1940, Battle of Britain Day.

This was the aircraft that rammed a German bomber over London that was reputedly enroute to bomb Buckingham Palace in the most famous single incident of the entire Battle of Britain. The bomber crashed onto Victoria railway station whilst the Hurricane smashed into the centre of Buckingham Palace Road, a quarter mile from Buckingham Palace itself. The remains of the fighter were recovered in 2004 from twelve feet beneath the road and ultimately led to the creation of TMB Art Metal.

The silver coloured domed spinners are crafted of aluminium using donor metal from the base of the pilot’s control column. The ‘spade grip’, main part of the control column, which has the guns’ firing button mounted upon it, was until 2011 on display in the Imperial War Museum but is now on display in the RAF Museum at Hendon, which is appropriately where P2725 took off from on 15th September 1940. But this is the lower part that we have used as donor metal – by far the best provenance of any of the metal – although being only a 12″ or so long tube, there’s not much of it.

Surely the most spectacular aeronautic cufflinks ever created, the Spinners boast tiny internal bearings enabling the propellers to be spun, adding true tactility as well as history to these amazing cufflinks.

The cufflinks are presented in ultra high quality burgundy leather cases, accompanied by forty page provenance booklet and certificate of authenticity.

Equipped with 18ct gold backing plates and gold cufflink arms of our solid rigid elliptical design.


TMB Art Metal Spinner Cufflinks