Spitfire MK1 X4276 KL-B Rudder Pedal Cufflinks

Not many gentlemen can boast their cufflinks once were part of a legendary Battle of Britain Spitfire before ending up on their shirt sleeves.

But now they can…

Limited to just 100 pairs and crafted using metal from Spitfire Mk I X4276 KL-B, these are our unusual and eye catching design based upon the very attractive Supermarine rudder pedals with which Battle of Britain vintage Mk I and Mk II Spitfires were equipped. The pedals themselves are crafted of ‘donor’ metal originating from the Rolls-Royce Merlin III engine fitted to Spitfire Mk I, X4276 KL-B, Al Deere’s personal Spitfire, which crashed on 28th December 1940.

The cufflink arms in silver are of our attractive and easy to use elliptical design, the beautiful rich golden hue of the pedals contrasting wonderfully against that of the sterling silver. The cufflinks are available with either burgundy or blue (Supermarine’s colour) enamel infill. Alternatively we can supply asymmetric links, one of each colour, which adds to the fascination.

Each pedal is engraved on the reverse ‘TMB’ and ‘X4276 KL-B’ whilst the silver arms have the legend ‘Spitfire’ engraved on one side and their limited edition number on the other. Each pair is presented in a very high quality wooden case with certificate of authenticity.

Minor imperfections may exist in the pedals due to the re-use of old 1940 vintage Spitfire metal, which can’t be avoided, but such only adds to the item’s character, uniqueness and individuality.

Limited Edition of just 100 pairs


TMB Art Metal Spitfire X4276 Rudder Pedal Spitfire